I am definitely not the first one who personalizes her leather jacket with spray, glitter and patches to make it look more ‚metal‘ or ’sleazy’… but I tried it for the first time. Now I would like to tell you how I did it, and what you have to take care of. Cause there are definitely also a lot of people here who haven’t done it yet. The best part of it: everything is possible! You can create your own signature design. And that’s why I’m so super excited about my new foxxy signature piece ^_^

First – of course – you need a (faux) leather jacket.
It depends on your wallet and your moral which kind of it you are using. Mine is synthetic, it’s from H&M and, well… second hand 🙂 So I already saved much money for that part.
Fact is: they are highly in fashion at the moment, so you can just go out to the next store and buy one. If you can’t afford it maybe you also find one at a flee market, yard sale, on the internet, within your family or where ever else.

jacke-cutout        jacke-foxxy-x

Then you need a design idea. I chose „Foxxy“ because it is my nickname, and wanted to add some kind of logo next to it which was supposed to be a fusion of a hand formed to a fork (devil’s horns) and the head of a fox. It took me three trials and the help of my boyfriend to get the shape I wanted.
The leopard pattern came more or less spontaneously. I just love it and it belongs to the typical style of our scene; something would have been missing without it. So just think of what is important to you. Maybe the logo or name of a band. Maybe a brand design. Maybe something funny or nasty. Whatever makes you proud while wearing it.

This is how it works: draw the outlines of your design on some light cardboard. If you want to have the color around the shape, you need to have the letters in your hand. If you want the shape itself to be on the jacket, you need to cut a hole of this shape into the cardboard. It’s logical, but it’s also funny how fast you can get this messed up 😉
I used normal acryl metallic spray from Bauhaus (do-it-yourself / home improvement store). Depending on the size, brand, and color type of the bottle (sparkly, dull, marbled,…) the price varies betwenn 5 and 20 €.
Maybe you still have some at home. I also have, but I wanted those two special colors.


When you put your cardboard on the jacket, two things are important. First: you should glue it onto the leather very well, so nothing of the spray comes underneath it – but it needs to be removable! Second: you should spray from above, and outside or next to an open window. It shouldn’t be too windy, either! The particles of the spray will go into the direction the wind blows.

I first did the shade around the letters, then the logo and the leopard. The golden spot on top of the x’s was actually an accident, but I liked it and put another pink leopard spot group on top of it. Before you use the next shape / layer make sure the acryl is absolutely dry! Usually it just takes a few minutes.

Then I added the patches. I took „Girls, Girls, Girls“ by Motley Crue, „We’re Not Gonna Take It“ by Twisted Sister and „Apettite For Destruction“ by Guns’n’Roses. They were all just 3,50€. I ordered them at amazon.de from a store called doktorhardstuff. They ship for free within my country 😉
If you are talented at sewing you might want to try it that way. But I would be careful with sewing on (faux) leather because of the thickness and because of the different fabric on the inside. For me it was the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to take some super glue from the Bauhaus, too. The bottles are tiny, but for this project of three usually sized patches it was enough. Be careful: that stuff smells!


That was it already, actually.
I used books to put weight on the patches and press them onto the leather. These three books, by the way, are really great reads: „Kill Your Friends“ by John Niven, „Slash“ by Slash, and „Life“ by Keith Richards.
Now my jacket is ready. It might not be finished; maybe I will add some more bands on it. I also thought about adding studs, I’m just not sure yet where to put them.
If you will meet me at a concert or festival during the next months or years I will probably be wearing it.
Now show me your designs please!



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