Could this be the guy who plays Nikki Sixx?

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It was a normal day when I was in my heavy Twitter phase that all of a sudden my entire timeline was full with pictures of this guy. I was connected to a lot of crüeheads of course (and DJ Ashba was following me, as well as Vince’s wife, but I lost track of all of that – too long inactivity), but it seemed as if for some days nothing was more important than a dubious boy calling himself Jesse James (@sleazyjesse).

Within hours he created a hype that was almost unbelievable. Hundreds, or thousands of people kept retweeting his pictures with the cute chain of lights in the background. A full range of hashtags was created: #helpJesseJamesgetthepart, #supportJesseJames, or my favorite #gethimtothedirt are just examples. A day later he had a Twitter as well as a Facebook fan page, set up by those who wanted to see him in the movie. The movie will be called ‚The Dirt‘, based on the best selling biopic of the infamous rock’n’roll stars Mötley Crüe.

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Every fan was called to action and everybody who was just somehow connected to Nikki or the Crüe was swept over by this flood of pictures and pleas: Let this guy go to the fucking auditions!
Sadly there was no online information about where or when those auditions will be, so after a few more days the flood became a low tide.

Too bad, because he can actually play the bass…. xD
watch him here –>


BUT: As far as we know the parts are not casted yet. And Jesse is back. He wrote a letter about himself and why he is predestined for this role.
Now we need your help. If you want to see Jesse play the part of Nikki, try to find those who are in charge of making the movie. This Rolling Stone article is the latest information we have: –>

We would like to help Jesse get back on track. Because: If somebody can create such an epidemic panic by just posting pictures on which he looks like Nikki (and we probably all know a few imitators), he already has what the film company needs. He will get the attention of their target audience…well, maybe a little younger, but you have to see it this way: The Crüe only got that big because they drove all the little ladies crazy 😉


Here is what Jesse hijesse 1mself has to offer and to say: Well, I’m from Lancaster Ohio, born & breed. It’s a small town with not a lot to do so the people around here all turn to drugs and alcohol for an escape. There’s literally a bar on every street corner and at one point was the worst in the country for heroin abuse. To be honest my life up until this point has been pretty uneventful. I’ve traveled a little bit, formed a few bands that never really went anywhere, I was doing vocals back then, it was some pretty heavy shit. Now that I think about it the only thing I’ve successfully done time after time in my life is get myself into trouble, the police around here know me by name and are never any happier when they hear it, haha. Though, I try to be a good person. My goals in life are always adding up. Of course everybody knows that being a musician is first and foremost, but any mook who can learn a few chords on a guitar can call themselves a musician. I want to travel, make a career out of it. I want to help people cope with life in the way that my favorite bands have helped me through it. Acting has been what I’ve wanted to do since day one though, coming up with different characters and portraying myself as others has been something I’ve done since my earliest childhood memories. Besides that I want to be an author, and write novels. Stephan King has always been my biggest inspiration when it comes to writing. Though I’d also enjoy being a police officer (ironic because of all the trouble I get myself in.) But it runs in my family and I enjoy helping others above all else. I’ve actually been debating whether or not to go through the police academy here in my home town, protect the ones I love. Is it possible to be a professional chicken nugget sauce tester? I’d totally do that as well. My goals are to smash every goal my mind has ever set itself to and to prove my worth amongst the world. But as for The Dirt, I think I’m overly qualified haha. Other than just looking the part, I know what the guys went through, because it’s the same shit I’m going through in their early years. I’ve been  on the streets and dealt with addictions, I know what it’s like to live in a shitty apartment with a constant party happening around you, trying your all to write songs that mean something to you but will hopefully get you out of that apartment. I know how to play the songs and I live the attitude. You don’t get this from your ordinary, every day actors. The primped up Beverly Hills kid who’d put on a wig and holds a guitar the wrong way is not who you cast for a part like this. I’m qualified because playing the part would practically be playing myself with a different name.

Who is in? 🙂

To read the whole story about Nikki and his companions, click on the picture below:

The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band

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