Is it just because of me and the hashtags I am searching for – or is your Instagram feed also filled with photos like this?!


While doing my picture search for the #metalstyle page (which is actually rather an #alternative- or #blackscenestyle thingy) I had more and more thoughts about how common it is nowadays to color your hair in the wildest shades, wear the blackest eyeliner, be pierced all over your face and elsewhere, to have tattoos on every spot and in every age and many other seemingly unnormal things.

suicide squad

I had a talk about the stuff I am writing about today with my good friend Nessi a while ago. She was an emo girl once. You can still see the trademarks on her, but it’s not as much over the top as it was some years ago. Back then, oh my god, those hairstyles, kneesocks and so on – it seemed crazy. My best friend in elementary school did later, in the early 2000’s, also became a hardcore emo girl. She colored her long bangs in a different color every few weeks, she loved buttons, black skinny jeans, turquise, pink, purple and red, cherries everywhere, you name it.
The Emos are almost gone. At least in their old stereotypic way. The Punks had their big time in the 70s and 80s, now they also seem fewer or they are only part time Punks. There are Goths, there are Metalheads, Straight Edge folks and similar Scene Kids, there are Lolitas, Cosplayers and Visual Kei fans.
Everyone of them has their own trademarks, you can still distinguish them.
But what they all have in common (the not natural looking hair, the many accessoires, the body art, the love for black and then strong colors in contrast, the fun of wearing „costumes“ to show their inner self,…) seem to blend into the look of the young mainstream more and more. Dark, sexy outfits and unicorns everywhere.

Oh my god, I am actually showing you this old picture of me. (left)

It’s not only the scene styles. It’s also the love for alternative lifestyle. It’s almost trendy to be vegan nowadays. Once it was cool to have a house, new clothes, and car for yourself – nowadays it’s cool to share all of these things with each other. And the rainbow is not only in the hair and the skin, it’s also on flags and in families. The LGBTQ people are getting more confident and bringing even more „trends“, like cross dressing, into the wider society.


Before you get me wrong: I love all of this.
I don’t like to be forced to wear natural hair, shiny heels, some long, stainless, one-colored pants and a blazer. I would totally love it if tattoos and Co. would not be an arguement to deny someone a new job anymore. Kids are not getting evil if they see tattood young women! 😀 I hope that soon everybody will understand this.
I love the difference and I am terribly bored by uniformity. I love long hair on men, even if they have some black around their eyes (and since Jack Sparrow became so popular many women do). And I’m not afraid to say so. This is not an article against these trends, I am celebrating them.

Portrait 4  Fasching 057 LGBT_flag_02

Okay, so everything is fine now? Everyone can be themselves and express themselves?
Yes, theoretically. If they are not planning to become the next owner of General Motors or some company like this. Sadly.

This is a guy. (Jeffree Star)

All of this is great, but it creates a new problem: When everything is allowed and possible, and you don’t get so many silly looks and nasty comments anymore for being different – then what are those upgrowing teenagers to do now? How can they portrait that they do not want to look and be like the older generations?! How can they provoke their parents and teachers? How can somebody show that she or he dresses all in black and pink every day because it is how their soul looks, not because it’s „in“ this season??

Do you have any suggestions for the next generation? How do ideas for new scene styles come up anyway? Who creates them? I would love to hear some of your opinion about that. And also I would like to know whether you see it the same way I do, that bright red hair and black nails are nothing special anymore.
Leave a comment and let me know.




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