Here are 10 ‚more or less reasonable‘ questions to John Diva, the terrific entertainer from the sunny beaches of california. He has not only contributed to many of the greatest rock songs we know – he can also sing and perform them. For years now he has rocked everybody who’s ever watched the show. Always flanked by the Rockets of Love and the super hot cheerleader girls… will he rock you, too?


1. Why did you decide to perform mostly in Germany, although you are from San Diego?
Honestly?…the Federal Bureau of Investigation is trying to get my autograph…on some papers…tax wise…so I rather sign autographs on some Heid’is Boobs…

2. Which store is the best one to buy glam rock clothes?
I don’t shop …all my stage outfits are gifts from the best fans in the world…The Diva Army of Lovers.

3. What is your favorite movie?
Gone with the Wind

4. Which rockstar has the best taste in girls? 😛
Beth Ditto

5. Dolphins or Cats?
Pink Zebras

6. Complete the following sentence: „Every morning I…
…love the smile on the face in the mirror!!!“

7. If you could ask Jesus one question – what would you ask him?
Which conditioner Do you use?

8. Sushi or Hamburgers?
Sushi Burgers from Beluga

9. You can’t stay 5 days without:
The Rockets of Love – best band ever! Never get rid of ‚em!

10. Who do you think is the best young band these days?
7. Heavenly Super Group Hendrix/Bolan/Bowie/Moon and Lemmy

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