Dear little Sleaze fans from all over the world… I wasn’t there yet, but I heard it is always a great time to be at the RiS festival up in Stockholm.

Since the year of 2006 it is held to celebrate the memories of Crashdiet’s original singer and founder Dave Lepard. He commited suicide in January of 2006 because of his depressions. Now, exactly 11 years later, I dared to send a message to his mom, Liz. I got told from many people that she is a very kind woman who is always there to help and is by now organizing most of the Rest in Sleaze Festival by herself.


Every year she gathers many of the best bands of the field. For an example last year there were Sweet Creature (of course), The Cruel Intentions, Alter Egon, Niterain, Bulletrain, the Trench Dogs and 44 Caliber.

This is what Liz told me about the festival, her son and all the amazing fans who are coming together year after year….

When was the fist time that the idea of making a festival came to your mind?
The first memory concert was held by the record company in 2006, some months after his death. It was a small one with just friends. The first real one was in 2007 at the Debaser on the 20th of January. After that I did it by myself.

How big is it, how many fans were there?
It has always been full of people at the concerts, about 600 people.

Did you become friends with the bands who played there? How are they personally?
Yes i know all the guys, it’s about 45 bands so far. And I must say, the guys are lovely. I love them, they are kind and polite.

Does any of the money from the RiS go to benefit organisations?
About money, yes I have always given one band money from a found I made. And this last RIS i will give money to the organisation suicide prevention, SPEC.

Is there any merch available?
I have 5 T-shirts left from the last Rest in Sleaze.

Do you remember the first words Dave spoke as a baby?
Haha… it’s 36 years since he was a baby! But i guess it was mamamama, babababa like all babies!

Did you like the glam and sleaze music in your youth?
When i was young there where no Glam and Sleaze! It was Rock’n’Roll, Elvis Presley, the Batles, Rolling Stones and later in the 60s it was Creadence Clearwater, Kinks, the Who…. you see I’m not 30 years! I’m 66 years!

What is your personal favorite type of music?
I do love sleaze, thats the music I listen to, and of course I love to listen to David.

Dear Dave, although I never got to know or see you I think you started something really big and nowadays many musicians are inspired by the stuff you did. You somehow became a legacy. Not quite, but almost Club 27. We should all just thank you, your band and now even your mom for the crazy awesome shit you do and did.

Thänxx for that! We love you <3

Sincerely, your midnight foxxy with the risky biz 😉


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