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Here are 10 ‚more or less random‘ questions to John Elliot Confess, singer of the Swedish Sleaze band everybody loves right now. They dropped an incredible debut album („Jail“) and now, just some weeks ago, released their new work „Haunters“. It’s time to get to know John a bit better, because I personally think this band is gonna be big.
If you are from Germany and you want to see them live in the nearer future, you should go to the 13th Anniversary of the Paunchy Cats Inn Bar.

confess john elliot

1. What’s the best place in Stockholm?
It depends. If you are talking about nightclubs and you’re a rock’n’roller I would say Pub Anchor or Harry B James. I personally dig a place called ”Bröderna ohlsson”. If you’re in town you should check it out.

2. Did you ever have a vocal coach? If so, since when?
Nope. I have a CD with exercises that I try to sing along to from time to time.

3. Apple or Pineapple?
iPhone 7
[I was talking about the fruits, but well, whatever xD]

4. What were the most expensive concert tickets you ever bought?
Probably Guns’n’Roses tickets for this summer. But I got them as a gift.

5. You can’t go three days without…
Coffee & snus (Swedish tobacco)

6. What’s your favorite movie?
Hmm, that’s a hard one. Don’t know if I have a favorite one. But you know, you always have some that you’ve watched 1000 times. I like Sci-Fi and Horror movies a lot.

7. Joan Jett or Lita Ford?
Joan Jett.

8. Why did Ricky leave again so early?
Cause he couldn’t give the band 100 %.

9. Do you have any pets?

10. Your band’s name is Confess. So go on, confess something to us that you held back until this very moment :p
I love watching cooking shows on TV.


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