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Here are 10 ‚more or less random‘ questions to Giacomo „Jack the Ripper“, singer and songwriter of the Italian Sleaze Rock band Speed Stroke. Speed Stroke will take over Germany much more for the upcoming months and years. For example they will play the 13th anniversary of the legendary Paunchy Cat’s Inn Bar, as well as be part of the line up of Sleaze Fest 2018! So beware of this evil Ripper, guys and girls, he will get you! Pizza is his god and he might kill you on a monday. But better read it yourself 😉

giacomo jack the ripper

1.At what age did you start making music?
I decided to start singing the day my music teacher at school told me I was a total mess and I wasn’t fit for that. I was 13 in 2005, and the first 2 songs I ever sang were „Are You Ready“ by AC/DC and „Fear Is The Key“ by Iron Maiden. But I wasn’t making original music yet.. The year after I joined my first band called „MadRock“ (tuff isn’t it? ahahah) but it took me a while to gain the confidence to write my own lyrics and melodies. I do not consider myself a proper musician, I just follow adrenaline and my messed up brain.

2. What is your favorite band shirt?
You made the wrong question, to the wrong guy. I’m a T-Shirt collector, I got more than 300 pieces and I got an insane passion for designs and band merch. It’s insane to pick my favorites, but I could list some who print some damn beauties. Ghost, Municipal Waste, Danzig, Paunchy Cats, Hardcore Superstar, Protest The Hero, Kvelertak, Judas Priest, (Speed Stroke), Misfits.

3. What’s cooler? Unicorns or Strom Troopers?
I’m gonna lose a lot of fans, but I’m definitely not a Star Wars guy, ahaha. I’m a lot more into Fantasy than Sci-Fi, so totally Unicorns. Also because you cannot ride a Storm Trooper through a rainbow with a flamethrower. Or am I wrong?

4. Why do you call yourself Jack the Ripper?
Tuff question which I perfectly know the answer but it’s hard to explain it in words. I’m always swinging between my evil and good side, I’m a person that likes to know every single aspect of himself, even the scariest and worst ones. Jack the Ripper always fascinated me, because he has done horrible things but with some sort of art, showing calm and precision at every move. He was a monster among men, never got caught, always in the shadows but also in the light of day.. and it kinda reflects everything I feel but people don’t know I do. I do not want to kill anyone btw…….. maybe…. sometimes…. on mondays….

5. Please teach us three interesting Italian words.
I’m gonna make this question even harder…. I’m gonna teach you some words that doesn’t insult god or his relatives. So I erased 3/4 of the Italian language. APRILE: as I said to you at Frontiers festival. It’s funny how this word is the month April, but switching the accent it could simply mean „Spread your legs“. LATTE: it’s not a Cappuccino, it means MILK. THANKS STARBUCKS. SBORONE: it means a vain person, who think he’s the king of the world. it literally means „person who cums a lot“.

6. If you only had to live one more week, what would you do with it?
Spend the whole week at Disneyland on Peyote or stalking Danzig for a hug.

7. Who is your favorite female musician?
My favorite female artist is the perfection made human. Brody Dalle (The Distillers- Spinnerette – Solo Career). I love everything she made, I wish she could adopt me someday.

8. A good pizza always…

9. If you were playing a part in a porn, how would the movie be called?
„Unlucky nerd starts playing Hard Rock and gets laid, most of the times with psychos… and he stays unlucky“

10. Name a song that reminds you of your childhood.
The song that reminds me the most of my childhood is strangely not one of my alltime favorites, or one I listened on repeat for years. Just in a couple of occasions.
„Big Dictionary“ by Faster Pussycat… it reminds me of some recreation times the first years of high school. I was used to hide beers in the bushes of the school garden and lay down on the grass blasting that song while drinkin with friends. What a life ❤

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