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Here are 10 ‚more or less random‘ questions to Hessu Maxx, the always happily smiling but hard hitting drummer of our favorite Finnish Glam Rock Invasion Reckless Love.
You’re right, they’ve been in the blog for many times now. I guess it’s because they are so much fun. They keep alive that feeling and style which seemed to be lost quite a while ago. Today we have Hessu with us and he tells us a bit about his history before RL, about his own reckless love affairs and how he likes to eat his fries…


1. In which direction will the next RL album go?
The next album will definitely go back to the roots. Closer to the first album but also it’s gonna sound like the rock music should sound like in the near future.

2. What’s your favorite shampoo for long hair?
I use Goldwell products on my hair. 

3. What kind of sports do you do?
I love martial arts, but I do also other kinds of sports. Ice hockey and badminton during the winter, beach volley, discgolf and tennis during the summer and much more. At the moment I have fallen in love with Shodokan Aikido. Beautiful stuff. 

4. If you could switch life and body with one person for a day, who would it be?
I would probably try a woman’s body. Don’t know who’s.

5. Do you have a girlfriend?
No. I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment.

6. Do you eat your french fries with ketchup or mayonnaise?
I usually go for both but If I need to choose. It would be curry or cucumber or garlic mayo.

7. Was Reckless Love your first rock band?
No it was not. When I was a teenager I had one band called Carpe Diem (as every other kid probably 😀 )
Then after that I played a lot with a famous Finnish singer called Jarkko Ahola. We had different projects. Bulldozer,  RJ Dio tribute, Fireballs, Cosmic Spell, etc. Some of those you might find from YouTube if you dig hard enough. :’D We played a lot of shows and did few demos for ourselves just because we wanted to play weird music. Just for fun. Olli actually saw me first time playing with Jarkko and then he told me he wanted me in their band. After a while it happened.

8. Did you ever throw yourself into a reckless love affair? 😀
Yes. Of course. Those are the best kind. You need to take risks in your life and live it to the fullest. You never know what happens. But ladies, remember to be careful. Not all male are gentlemen.

9. A good drummer shall never…
…say no to a 1 jäger shot. 

10. Who do you think, is the next up and coming band of Finland?
I think the next one will be a band called Reckless Love 😉

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