Hello to the Sleaze Community – the curse is broken once again!

Crashdiet have found their new, forth singer and they are ready to rock it again.
Gabriel wasn’t known by too many people before the big news, so hardly anything about him is known in general. Who is this blonde guy with the great voice? What are his plans with the bands? How did he get together with Martin and the other dudes and started writing songs?

So many questions, for a first time and exclusively answered for you right here in the video:

Spread it to every Crashdiet fan you know and support Gabriel in his new position! They will have their first concert on 30th of march in Stockholm and the first one in Germany will take place at the Paunchy Cat’s on 28th of april. Also they will play the Bang Your Head 2018; it’s just not sure yet on what day or time.


First single with Gabriel on the microphone:

PS: The first interview was deleted due to technological and organisational problems. Excuse this please. This one is made to stay 😉

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