By now everybody should be alive again. I hope you all had a safe trip home, but since the internet is already fludded with pics from the show I guess you are all fine 🙂 Tell me if I’m wrong and someone is still lying in a coma on the dusty parking lot….

Today I’m writing in English because this party was f*****g international! I got to know people from Poland and Italy, new folks from Sweden and Britain, and for some I don’t even know where they were coming from. Just didn’t matter. It was all one big family <3


The Paunchy Cats, our favorite little club, turned 14 years old. To celebrate this there were five bands playing: Flush the Fashion (DK), Maverick (CH), Trench Dogs (SE), Speed Stroke (IT) and the allmighty Crashdiet (SE)! So far I had only seen Speed Stroke out of this line up. Maybe Maverick somewhere, but I don’t really remember. Flush the Fashion are a group I never heard of before, but their personalities are great and if they came down from Copenhagen for this gig, maybe they will be around more often the upcoming years. Their first album is called „Failure Is Totally An Option“, with the single ‚Midnight Drunk At Noon‘. They make videos called „2 guys 1 couch“ and well… I think they are just up and coming.

Flush the Fashion x Speed Stroke

I arrived in Lichtenfels very early. The bands were still just sitting and standing in front of the club. Some first fans were already around but it was still peace and quiet. A nice and sunny day.
It’s a tradition though to have your first drink at the parking lot so that’s were I went as soon as the Party Crüe was arriving. We were all a bit tired but up to adventures. Rob had just come from the Keep it True festival, later he photobombed us, Sory has to take care of us like a mom, Alexx needed a fork for some reason, Laura wanted to have a stripper, Amara is just Amara,… we’re weird people but it’s great. And the moments with them are the best when told in pictures, not in words…


A little later a big surprise was coming up to me: Mara, the girl who has moved to Copenhell some time ago – the one who wrote the article about Gabriel’s first concert – the second half of Team Toastbrot – she was there! And she had told everybody that she couldn’t make it cause the flights were too expensive. Well, there she stood and I squeeked with happiness <3

The place was crowding up and it was crazy as I had the feeling as if I knew every second person. We also already annoyed the next door’s pizza place „Bei Nino“ by first asking for stuff they didn’t serve yet, all using their toilet one after another and then bringing our own drinks into the garden. We’re sorry, but you can be happy to sell so many pizzas to so many partying people. So just let us act up a little bit 😛

Team Toastbrot is up for trouble

The doors opened at 7pm and it was already full. That is one big problem of the club: it gets warm and jam-packed very quickly and then there is no oxygen to breathe anymore. Hottest, most steamy place on earth… so what do you think? Should we start a crowdfunding campaign to get this house some air conditioning?! Who’s in? This way you catch yourself too many times standing outside, where the air is fresh and clean, and then you miss too much of the concerts. You can still hear it and also listen from the back, as I did with Speed Stroke, but well, it’s the only thing that downgrades the amazing Paunchy-experience.

There’s another thing that made this trip less perfect for me: my boyfriend Jizzy was sick and couldn’t come. So many of you asked about him and I can tell you he is feeling better again <3 He just wanted to stay at home to recover decently and he will see Crashdiet at the Bang Your Head with me and also next year at Sleaze Fest. So who of you will be there, too?


I’ve seen Speed Stroke some times before, but Giacomo, our favorite Italian guy, just killed it at the party. First he went on stage with Flush the Fashion, then he drank some tea in a stylish cup in front of the venue and at the end he dressed as a banana. Dude, what are you smoking??

Trench Dogs I have never seen before. They are some crazy people who have an even crazier style and their sound reminds you of Pretty Boy Floyd. I even had to think about the Quireboys from time to time. But they will be my next band interview. I got to talk with them for a longer while and it is crazy how happy they are if you wear their sticker on your forehead ^^

totally en vogue

For Crashdiet I had to stand directly in front of the stage. It was so tight and humid up there, but totally worth it. The guys killed it, promoter and club owner Sebastian filmed it all, even by sitting on top of the sound box. And although nobody could breathe, everyone was loud and dancing and just jumping around. I am happy to see them before they publish a new album with Gabriel, because this way we can hear him sing all the old songs. I very rarely buy merchandise at concerts, but this time I did. This band just deserves it. At this show Laura even got her stripper… some way.

wtf moment of the day

After some resting and more dancing Mara and I decided to sleep in the car. I could have had a place at Soraya’s flat, but I couldn’t leave Mara alone and I already pitty Sory for her hospitality xD Props to you! They should pay you more for running this bed and breakfast thingy.
We did not really sleep a lot and got woken up by some already (or still?) perfectly styled Trench Dogs and then went to a gas station to get coffee and water and wait for the Mc Donald’s to open up. We must have looked, smelled and sounded horrible – cause the saleswoman at the gas station gave us some free pieces of warm pretzels. She said „Here is something to eat for you. And if you need anything just call me. I need to go outside now.“
Oh yeah, poor us.
Talking weird stuff and photographing cans of beer in the fridge. Just don’t ask.

Promoter DJ HiJinXX aka Sebastian and his Julia

When the McDonald’s opened we brushed our teeth in their bathroom and changed clothes. You should all do this at some point in your life ^^
When we left the bathroom there were more Paunchy veterans. Bazzty, Sylvie and Jana also needed some breakfast and they were bringing Mara to her bus station. Well, we annoyed another gastronomy employee by misbehaving, but it was so funny we couldn’t stop laughing. So many new insiders which wouldn’t make sense to post now.

Paunchy makes everybody happy for some reason. Steve could celebrate his birthday and look for his girlfriend (who was standing right in front of him, but he was too drunk to notice), I met Kat and Leon whom I have only texted online before, I only took one of those white cross-tokens home with me (usually you have your whole pockets full with them) and all in all it was a great anniversary party. Sleep is for the boring people anyway. Thanks Sebastian for making these events possible.


Oh, and one more thing: for the next big Paunchy Cats event I will open up the blog and everybody who wants to can write about his or her own experience and I will shut my mouth. How about that? 😀

Love my cräzzy party crüe!
Sincerely, Foxxy



Leave an „Abo“!

Fuck That Shit! (Pic by @mblaylp)
Baby… *caugh* I mean band and guest sitter Sory and Ronny
Trench Dogs have crazy styles





















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