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That is timing! Swedish sleaze-newcomers Lipz just introduce their new member Chris Y, the German soccer team defeats the Swedes literally in the last second, and I am currently in Belgium at the Graspop Metal Meeting. So there could be no better point in time to tell you everything you didn’t know yet about this band:

lipz scaryman

First things first: from one day to another everyone was talking about you. Where have you been before? What is the occasion?

We’ve spent the last 2 years planning and working on the album, and since we decided to do everything by ourselves, and by that we mean recording, producing, making music videos etc.. It’s been a long process.

It looks like you are looking for a fourth member. Or why is there a questionsmark next to „bass player“? [questions where sent before the introduction of Chris]

Yes we’ve been searching for a bass player for quite a long time, but we didn’t want that to slow us down, so we decided to finish the album and make that the first priority. Because we knew that when we would have a teaser of the album out, someone would apply. That’s when we got in touch with Chris Y (will be presented 20th June).

How long do you need to put on that stage make up?

It takes us about 2 hours to get ready.


a look into their rehearsal room

Keyword „scaryman“: Do you like horror movies? Which is your favorite one?

Yes of course! The exorcist is one our favourites, also Texas chainsaw is a all-time favourite!

What are you personally afraid of?

We’re all afraid of Mr. Scaryman 😉

Which famous musician did you meet so far?

One time we supported Blaze Bayley (former Iron Maiden).

What was your favorite band when you were little?

Iron Maiden (Conny S), Kiss (Koffe K), Billy Idol (Alex K), Michael Jackson (Chris Y).

Are you guys romantic? Do you have girlfriends?

Of course we are romantic! We all have girls, and if you ask them, we are probably the most romantic guys in the world 😉

Who of you is the laziest one, who is the most motivated one?

Conny S is definitely the laziest one xD Everyone of us is motivated in different ways, and have different tasks. So I wouldn’t say that anyone is more motivated than the other.

Are you using a lot of social media?

Yes of course we do that, it’s really important these days to be able to connect to people and to spread your music worldwide. You will find us on: &
Instagram: @lipzband

When are you coming to Germany? Any plans?

We heard that the scene is very cool in Germany, so we would love to be there as soon as possible! Book us at 😉

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