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Here are 10 more or less random questions to Dominick „Dom“ Martes, Lead Guitarist of the New York City Act WILDSTREET! I met them at Sleaze Fest around one year ago and was captivated by their songs, videos, and styles right away. Right now the situation in NYC is not a good one – but we tried to entertain ourselves with a little conversation about scenes and venues across the globe and about Dom’s real life version of the movie „Rock Star“.


Describe your band Wildstreet in only 5 words:

I’ve always prided Wildstreets music (new and old) around this, so I think I’d say “Rock and Roll for Everyone” since I don’t think you need to be a crazy rock/metal fanatic to enjoy the music. People from all paths of life really seem to enjoy it, and I love that!

Would you say Glam Rock is bigger in the US these days or in Europe? Is it popular in NYC?

Oh absolutely! It’s almost non existent here in America. We live for touring to Europe. The fans live it and breathe it over there! As we do! We’re lucky to even have each other really, since it’s so rare in America. Another important factor is that the age groups are so different. Sleaze/hard fans are a lot older in America, since they were ACTUALLY there for the 80s to see and hear the music we know and love. In Europe though, it’s mostly young people, which brings a total different energy and excitement to it!

What’s your favorite venue to play?
[edit: Question was asked before all events got canceled until september. Don’t hate me on that one :P]

Well, my favorite venue I’ve EVER played at, is definitely The Matrix in Bochum, Germany. We’ve only played there once for Sleaze Fest 2019, but the venue, staff and energy was fucking amazing! But my favorite venue to play outside of that, is one we’ve played quite a few times, The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York! Awesome spot, and always an amazing  time.

And your favorite guitar brand or model?

By far, definitely Gibson Les Paul’s! The most comfortable, heavy, steady and reliable guitars around. I am currently experimenting with some custom made guitars from an upcoming guitar company, being built by a very close friend! To be seen soon!

Are you also staying a lot at home these days? How are you spending your time?

Yes! No other option but to be home, or be outside and get sick, which sucks. But I am making use of my time, getting lots of guitar practice time in, staying healthy and writing music! It’s kind of nice to be able to stay home without worries these days, so I’m taking advantage.

Which other bands or artists are you supporting now and how?

During this time, I’ve been giving a lot of support to another important part of my music career, New York Citys electronic synthwave/darkwave scene. So many amazing musicians and people in that community. Along with AMAZING and sadly underrated artists. But with their time to shine coming, I make sure I support them in every way that I can, as they support me!

Can you recommend a good series to watch?

I’ve never been much of a television person, but there are some great shows I’ve ran into, along with some guilty pleasures. I couldn’t get my eyes off of “Contagion” for a while since it’s so reflective and similar of where the world is right now. The show “Dave” about a very popular hip hop artist is definitely in my top 5 things happening on television right now.

Did you already listen to glam and sleaze during school?

Yes!! Crazy to even think about, but I was even a huge Wildstreet fan early in high school, before I actually joined the band. Happened just like in that movie “Rockstar”! But other than that, I’ve always been into sleaze, and all kinds of hard rock and heavy metal in school. Growing up in the Bronx, New York it was definitely uncommon but everyone thought it was really cool! Glad they did!

Who was your childhood hero?

Music always being a priority in my life, two people who really made a huge impact on me were Jimmy Hendrix and Slash. Very distinct characters, and reminded me a lot of myself being black rock musicians, which isn’t all that common.

Tell us the best pick up line for guys. xD

Eh, I don’t think pickup lines work these days. I think what these guys should do is to learn to be confident, capable and self sufficient men first! A badass attitude, strong life foundation and inviting energy works better than ANY pickup line 😉 now THATS advice!!

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